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How long do your drinks last?

All of our drinks are flash pasteurised so they keep their fresh flavour which means that each bottle has a 12 month shelf life, the best before end date can be found on every bottle neck. Once opened please consume within 48 hours.

Do I need to keep them in the fridge?

Because our drinks as pasteurised there’s no need to keep them in the fridge, however we do recommend they are best kept in a cool dry place and out of direct sunlight 

How do I serve them?

Every order comes with a serving guide to help you achieve the perfect pour, but we recommend that you #wake the bottle, pour into a cocktail shaker, add a handful of ice and #shake for 10-15 seconds, then strain and #serve into your preferred glass. Our Mojito is already carbonated so simply pour over ice.

 What are your delivery terms?

We deliver across the UK via DPD. They are sent on a Next Day Delivery service operating Monday – Friday only. You will need to order via our website before 2pm to guarantee Next Day Delivery, anything after that will be sent the next working day. We offer a Saturday Express delivery service at a premium cost which is advertised during checkout. Please note during busy periods a next day delivery service may not be possible and this can alter to 1-2 days. 

Please note some UK postcodes are affected by the next day delivery terms and are automatically sent on a 2 day service. The affected areas are BT1*BT10*BT11*BT12*BT13*BT14*BT15*BT17*BT18*BT19*BT2*BT20*BT21*BT22*BT23*BT24*BT25*BT26*BT27*BT28*BT29*BT3*BT30*BT31*BT32*BT33*BT34*BT35*BT36*BT37*BT38*BT39*BT4*BT40*BT41*BT42*BT43*BT44*BT45*BT46*BT47*BT48*BT49*BT5*BT50*BT51*BT52*BT53*BT54*BT55*BT56*BT57*BT59*BT6*BT60*BT61*BT62*BT63*BT64*BT65*BT66*BT67*BT68*BT69*BT7*BT70*BT71*BT72*BT73*BT74*BT75*BT76*BT77*BT78*BT79*BT8*BT80*BT81*BT82*BT83*BT9*BT92*BT93*BT94*IM1*IM2*IM3*IM4*IM5*IM6*IM7*IM8*IM9*AB36*AB37*AB38*AB55*AB56*GY1*GY10*GY2*GY3*GY4*GY5*GY6*GY7*GY8*GY9*JE1*JE2*JE3*JE4*FK17*FK18*FK19*FK20*FK21*IV1*IV10*IV11*IV12*IV13*IV14*IV15*IV16*IV17*IV18*IV19*IV2*IV20*IV21*IV22*IV23*IV24*IV25*IV26*IV27*IV28*IV29*IV3*IV33*IV34*IV35*IV36*IV37*IV38*IV39*IV40*IV41*IV42*IV43*IV44*IV45*IV46*IV47*IV48*IV49*IV5*IV50*IV51*IV52*IV53*IV54*IV55*IV56*IV63*KW1*KW10*KW11*KW12*KW13*KW14*KW15*KW16*KW17*PA20*PA21*PA22*PA23*PA24*PA25*PA26*PA27*PA28*PA29*PA30*PA31*PA32*PA33*PA34*PA35*PA36*PA37*PA38*PA39*PA40*PA41*PA42*PA43*PA44*PA45*PA46*PA47*PA48*PA49*PA60*PA61*PA62*PA63*PA64*PA65*PA66*PA67*PA68*PA69*PA70*PA71*PA72*PA73*PA74*PA75*PA76*PA77*PA78*PH19*PH20*PH21*PH22*PH23*PH24*PH25*PH26*PH30*PH31*PH32*PH33*PH34*PH35*PH36*PH37*PH38*PH39*PH40*PH41*PH49*PH50*PH42*PH43*PH44*HS1*HS2*HS3*HS4*HS5*HS6*HS7*HS8*HS9*KA27*KA28*ZE1*ZE2*ZE3*

Sunday Delivery is available at a premium cost.

Are your products suitable for vegans?

Yes! All of our drinks are 100% vegan, gluten and nut free and all nutritional information is displayed on the bottle. We’re happy to answer any questions on ingredients or allergens, just drop us an email at and we’d be happy to help

Do you deliver outside the UK?

Yes! We can offer a delivery service via FEDEX which can take up to 3 working days. These prices will be dependant on your location and some areas are not possible due to current export rules.

Can I buy these as a gift?

Our drinks make a great gift, and we can personalise your order with a message for your loved one. We also offer e-gift cards, which can be purchased on our shop. Looking to make a bulk order? We offer bulk, trade and event options, email us at to find out more

Are you launching any new flavours?

We are currently in talks with our mixologist experts to upscale our flavour range. Aiming to have new flavours launched by the end of 2021. We’re always working hard on new recipes and ideas, make sure you’re following us on social media @tappdcocktails for all exciting updates! 

Do you offer an influencer pack?

To be a Tapp’d supporter you need to have a minimum of 10K followers on 1 or more of your social media accounts. We currently offer a gifting service in exchange for social media content. This is subject to monthly budgets and down to the agreement of Tapp’d and the client. Please email for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions Tappd Cocktails

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