Available in packs of 6 or 12 and mixed packs.



Available in packs of 6 or 12 and mixed packs.

(5 customer reviews)


Born in London in 1983 the Espresso Martini is a modern classic cocktail loved across the world. Here at Tapp’d we’ve designed our Espresso Martini with sophistication and elegance in mind, cold brewing real ethically sourced coffee to create the ultimate Espresso Martini cocktail experience. 

Taste notes: 
A beautiful blend of 100% cold brewed Arabica coffee, expertly blended with vanilla and a double shot of overproof craft distillery vodka. 

Serving notes: 
Wake bottle, pour into a shaker and add a handful of ice cubes. Shake for 10-15 seconds and strain into your preferred glass (we like either a coupe or martini glass), finish with three coffee beans. 



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Pack of 6, Pack of 12

5 reviews for ESPRESSO MARTINI

  1. ESPRESSO MARTINI Tappd Cocktails

    Nicola Evans

    Genuinely these might be the best espresso martinis I have ever tasted! I shake mine for about 10 seconds with a couple of ice cubes and they are as good if not better than something you’d pay £££ for at a bar. I am seriously impressed.

  2. ESPRESSO MARTINI Tappd Cocktails


    This was just like going to a bar and gave me so much joy! Delicious!

  3. ESPRESSO MARTINI Tappd Cocktails

    Claire Knight

    Perfect and flavour is amazing! So hard to get this one right – but you did!

  4. ESPRESSO MARTINI Tappd Cocktails


    The best expresso martini ever! Tastes amazing just like from a bar! Can’t wait to order more

  5. ESPRESSO MARTINI Tappd Cocktails


    These beat every other pre-made Espresso Martini I’ve tried hands down

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