MOJITO Tappd Cocktails


Available in packs of 6 or 12 and mixed packs.



Available in packs of 6 or 12 and mixed packs.

(3 customer reviews)


Born on the beaches of Havana, Cuba, the Mojito is a classic drink that is historically said to have had magical healing powers. Here at Tapp’d our version of the mojito might not be medicinal but it is an expert blend of fresh garden mint, real lime and award winning golden rum. 

Taste notes: 
Real garden mint expertly blended with a double shot of five year aged award winning rum, and fresh lime.

Serving notes: 
Wake bottle contents and pour into a tall glass over ice. Garish with some fresh mint leaves and a slice of lime.



3 reviews for MOJITO

  1. MOJITO Tappd Cocktails

    Cinque Terre Cooking School

    Quite a nice Mojito. Wasn’t sure at first as I little different but after trying a few, it’s really nice and refreshing.

  2. MOJITO Tappd Cocktails

    Claire Knight

    Nice but not as authentic as the rest of the range. Ice & sunshine make it a refreshing drink though.

  3. MOJITO Tappd Cocktails


    Had them before so that’s why I’m ordering again

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