Available in packs of 6 or 12 and mixed packs.



Available in packs of 6 or 12 and mixed packs.

(10 customer reviews)


Born in London and adopted by bars all over the world the Pornstar Martini is a playful twist on the classic Martini and is the UK’s favourite cocktail.

Here at Tapp’d we’ve elevated this modern classic by using real organic passionfruit and the finest craft vodka to tantalise your tastebuds. The Pornstar Martini is not only the  best loved cocktail across the country, it’s certainly one of our favourites too!

Taste profile: 
Real tropical passionfruit paired with citrus, vanilla and expertly blended with a double shot of overproof craft distillery vodka.

Serving notes: 
For the perfect Pornstar Martini, wake bottle, pour into a shaker and add a handful of ice cubes. Shake for 10-15 seconds and strain into your preferred glass (we like either a coupe or martini glass), finish with a half passionfruit and a shot of prosecco on the side.



10 reviews for PORNSTAR MARTINI

  1. PORNSTAR MARTINI Tappd Cocktails

    Sam boyce

    Lock down saviour just like you would have in bar amazing in a nutra bullet with loads of ice

  2. PORNSTAR MARTINI Tappd Cocktails


    Amazing cocktails with a good amount of alcohol!

  3. PORNSTAR MARTINI Tappd Cocktails


    Love these cocktails

  4. PORNSTAR MARTINI Tappd Cocktails



  5. PORNSTAR MARTINI Tappd Cocktails

    Cheryl mansfield

    My first order

  6. PORNSTAR MARTINI Tappd Cocktails

    Gillian Soutar

    Amazing very good alcohol content. Just bought another 12.

  7. PORNSTAR MARTINI Tappd Cocktails


    Best pornstar martini I’ve ever had!

  8. PORNSTAR MARTINI Tappd Cocktails


    AMAZING pornstar! I would even go as far to say it was actually better than some I’ve had in bars before. Highly recommend.

  9. PORNSTAR MARTINI Tappd Cocktails

    jane postill

    absolutely stunning flavours, my favourite cocktail bar matches this taste, and they make it fresh in front of you. Just buying another 12,fabulous, love it 😀

  10. PORNSTAR MARTINI Tappd Cocktails


    Love all tapp’d cocktails – but these ones are my absolute favourite! Just like you’d get from a cocktail bar, perfect with a bit of Prosecco in. Will definitely be buying again, worth the price!

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