Tapp’d Cocktails sold on QVC

Nov 8, 2022

 Tapp’d Cocktails sold on QVC throughout 2022 and 2023

We were approached by QVC when they visited us at a Christmas trade exhibition back in 2021. They instantly fell in love with the flavour of our cocktails and our various gift sets & multi packs. After a quick introduction they pitched the idea to promote our brand of cocktails through their sales channel. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity and since then have not looked back.

During our time of development, we had various ideas for gift packs and multipacks and the 2 initial gifting ideas during 2021 were our 3 bottles and cocktail glass and our Christmas advent style box. These have sold exceptionally well throughout 2022 and we are delighted to confirm a further 12-month contract for 2023 has now been finalised, meaning our bottled and canned cocktails will be aired on one of the biggest shopping channels in the UK.   

Watch this space for further gift packs and multi packs sold exclusively to QVCUK.  

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Tapp'd Cocktails sold on QVC Tappd Cocktails

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